Water Resistant Potting

EFI Polymers has several epoxy potting and urethane potting products designed to offer improved water resistance for  the most demanding applications. Our materials have been field tested and proven over the last decade, to provide long term sealing and protection. Our top of the line epoxy and urethane compounds accomplish this with:

  • Hydrophobic resins and components: EFI Polymers employs a variety of chemistries to achieve enhanced water resistance in our potting systems including polybutadiene polyols, polyetheramines and silica mineral fillers that reduce water absorption.

  • Dense Crosslinking:  highly cross linked epoxy systems provide a tighter polymer network, that reduces water penetration.

  • Thermal shock resistance: these materials are designed to withstand thermal cycling exceptionally well. This reduces cracking and shrinkage which helps improve moisture resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

  • Ease of processing: our formulations are designed to be easily dispensed, either via machines or hand mixing, thanks to easy to use mix ratios and low to moderate viscosities.