Electrical Potting, Adhesives, & Specialty Coatings

Potting Products for Electrical Applications

EFI Polymers is a leader in custom formulated specialty epoxy and polyurethane products

EFI Polymers is a custom polymer formulator, manufacturer, and supplier of one and two part epoxy potting, urethane potting, adhesives,specialty coatings and electrical potting products. For over 20 years, we have been supplying a diverse group of manufacturing companies around the globe from our Denver, Colorado facilities. Our products are used to:

  • Seal and protect electrical devices from harsh environments
  • Bond and secure materials in place
  • Coat unique substrates

Being a customer driven company means that we spend time learning about the unique problems and issues associated with your manufacturing process.  By better understanding your company and application, we can custom-tailor a unique polymer solution that increases operational efficiency while driving down overall costs. We’re more than just a supplier; we’re a partner in your manufacturing business.

Our size and technical experience allow us to bring the highest level of polymer technology to manufacturing companies of all sizes.

With hundreds of different formulations being used in thousands of different applications, we have been building on our success to provide our customers with electrical potting, adhesive, and specialty coatings materials that work.