Utility Metering

EFI Polymers understands the issues involved with utility metering. Over the past 20 years, we have been working to become a valuable potting partner in the metering industry, including advances in automated meter reading in the water, gas, and power industries. AMR meter systems allow automatic meter reading, saving time and money. Our metering materials allow your finished goods to function more reliably, for longer periods of time, in harsher environments.

  • RF Transparent: these materials will not interfere with radio signals, enabling quick and efficient communication.

  • Low elastic modulus: our materials stay soft and flexible, protecting and sealing your sensitive electronics.

  • Low Tg: many of our materials have a glass transition temperature of -40C or lower, allowing them to thermal cycle with your part, protecting it across a wide range of temperatures.

  • Outstanding water resistance: you don’t have to worry about putting your electronics in otherwise harsh and wet environments often associated with meters.