Two-Component Silicones for Electrical Potting Applications

EFI Polymers offers a variety of two-part, unfilled, optically clear, addition cured silicone gel formulations with good chemical and electrical resistance. Our silicones are designed to be used to protect electrical and electronic components and assemblies against dust, moisture, chemical, vibration and other environmental exposures. Typical applications include:

  • Potting compound to keep dust, dirt, and moisture out of critical areas

  • Re-enterable material for sealing or encapsulating components requiring periodic inspection or repair

  • Reinforcing gel to minimize fatigue on connectors where vibrations are present

  • Conformal cushion to protect sensitive components from corrosion and vibration

  • Gasket in low pressure applications for sealing

  • Insulator for low and medium voltage

Formulation flexibility for silicone materials allows us to offer a variety of viscosities, gel times, hardness, color, and other options, while maintaining silicone’s natural flame-resistant properties. Additionally, silicones offer a wide range of operating temperatures, from -100 to 250C.