Surface Mount Technology Potting

The increased use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in potted electrical and electronic devices requires a new level of potting performance to reduce mechanical stresses on weak adhesive connections inherent to SMT construction. The proper selection of a potting compound is critical to successfully engineering product designs that incorporate SMT.

At EFI Polymers, we have worked in-step with technology to adapt and evolve new polymer systems to seal and protect your sensitive SMT electronics from the harshest environmental conditions. Our experience with potting hundreds of thousands of SMT electronics has shown us that in order for these potting materials to work across a wide range of temperatures they typically meet the following criteria:

  • Low elastic modulus: allows the potting material to absorb energy from thermal cycling without cracking or breaking delicate parts.

  • Ideal CTE Values: with coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) values that match up well with your electronics, our materials expand and contract with your components, protecting them across a wide range of temperatures.

  • Extremely low Tg: With a low Tg (glass transition temperature) our materials will retain their low modulus below temperatures of -40⁰C