Lighting Ballast and LED Driver Potting Compounds

EFI Polymers potting compounds and adhesives have been used with great success over the past 15 years in many different lighting applications, from underwater pool lights to magnetic and electronic ballasts to LED arrays. Our materials are formulated to have the following properties:

  • Thermally Conductive: our potting compounds are formulated with mineral fillers to help move heat out and away from heat generating components.

  • Range of Gel Times: from under 10 minutes to over 1 hour, our materials are designed to improve your efficiency whether you are machine dispensing or hand mixing.

  • Low Shrinkage: our epoxy and urethane potting compounds are formulated to have low shrinkage, preventing the potting compound from pulling away from your case or damaging your electronics.

  • Enhanced adhesion: allows our materials to bond to most plastic housings, preventing moisture ingress, cracking, and gaps.

  • No outgassing: our materials will not outgass plasticizers that will fog clear lenses.

  • Excellent thermal cycling capability: ensures our material’s compatibility with SMT components.