General Potting Compounds

EFI Polymers has formulated enough epoxy potting and urethane potting materials to know that not every application fits neatly into a category. We have worked with applications all over the world, and helped manufacturers to provide finished goods that are protected from water, dust, vibrations, heat, thermal shock, chemicals, pressure, and other elements. We have many potting compounds that are being used in a wide variety of other applications and have:

  • Easy to process mix ratios: whether you are processing with a meter-mix dispense machine or hand mixing, our mix ratios are easy to work.

  • Low cost: by producing material in bulk, we are able to pass cost-savings along to you.

  • Long track record of success: many of our products have been severely tested and performed in the field for over 10 years.

  • Wide ratio of gel times and viscosities: we understand the difficulties in balancing gel time with viscosity to prevent air entrapment.

  • Availability: these materials are constantly being made and available off our shelves 7 days a week.