Engine Control and Power Management Systems

We have a line of epoxy potting and urethane potting compounds designed specifically for engine control modules, power management systems, and other under the hood applications. We work with several after-market suppliers to automobile, recreational vehicles, water sports vehicles, outboard motors, and many other applications that can be exposed to intense heat, weather, and other elements. The epoxy and urethane potting compounds we design are intended to protect, improve performance and drive down costs. These materials are designed to provide:

  • Ease of Processing: by formulating our materials to have easy to use mixing ratios, they are easily and readily processed either through machine or hand mixing.

  • Low Viscosity: Allows our material to completely fill your part, releasing all air bubbles and filling tight spaces.

  • Wide range of gel times: whether you are looking for a material to gel in under 5 minutes for an automated process, or a longer gel time for hand mixing, we have a product for you.

  • Surface Mount Electronics Compatible: thanks to our understanding of thermal cycling, CTE, and modulus, our materials have been proven to protect SMT electronics across a wide range of temperatures.