Capacitors / Transistors Potting

EFI Polymers makes epoxy potting and urethane potting materials for capacitors, transistors, and other power supply and transmission components.  Our materials are designed to increase performance, add protection from water, dust, vibration and other elements, while reducing overall costs.  By leveraging our experience in the industry, we can also offer processing support and other technical services.  We have several epoxy and urethane potting materials designed for this industry, these materials are characterized as:

  • UL 94 recognized:  many of these materials have been tested and verified by third-party Underwriter’s Laboratory to be flame retardant.

  • Low viscosity:  allows the mixed material to easily flow into tight spaces on your part, releasing trapped air.

  • Machine dispense friendly: these products are designed to have a machine friendly mix ratio and viscosity, making processing of these materials that much easier.

  • Thermally conductive:  mineral filler inside our potting materials help to disperse heat generated by your part.