Epoxy TestingLab & Prototyping Our product development and testing lab is located at our manufacturing site in Denver, Colorado and is led by Valerie Walker, V.P. of Technology. Lab services include product development, potting design consulting, prototyping, testing, and sample preparation. Additionally, our lab conducts quality control testing for 100% of all EFI Polymers’ manufactured products and manages samples and processing documentation related to our quality program.

Many of our products are listed with Underwriters Laboratory. In addition to maintaining UL records, our lab can pre-test new materials to verify UL compliance saving thousands of dollars in potential re-testing cost for customers looking to meet critical UL standards.

We have made significant investments in improving our internal testing capabilities. By leveraging our testing equipment, we can quickly diagnose potential processing issues, raw material problems, and verify the cure of mixed materials. By being better informed of the physical and chemical properties of our own materials, we can supply customers with materials that will meet their specifications on the first try.