Adhesive ManufacturingConstruction began on our latest Denver-based manufacturing facility in 2003 and continues as we innovate to meet today’s evolving and ever-stringent environmental and safety standards on an ongoing basis. Over the years, we have optimized our production area to create a one-of-a-kind facility that is capable of supplying the wide range of materials our customers demand, all within our standard 2 week lead time. By focusing on safety, quality control, and operational efficiency, our production staff accomplishes the uniquely challenging problem of manufacturing hundreds of different materials in a timely manner.

Safety: Our primary concern in manufacturing polymer products is safety. When dealing with chemicals and heavy equipment, it is easy for accidents to happen. Our staff meets weekly to discuss and enforce safety matters in regards to fire, spills, materials, and personal protection equipment (PPE), among others. EFI Polymers has consistently maintained a safety record that exceeds industry standards, and has been recognized with the Colorado Division of Labor’s Premium Cost Containment Certification since the program’s inception.

Quality Control: When manufacturing hundreds of different materials, it is important to remain focused on ensuring every material that goes out our door meets our own stringent internal quality control requirements. During production of every batch, we implement several tracking methods designed to ensure the transparency and repeatability of manufacturing. Raw materials are tracked, temperature and humidity are carefully controlled, and each procedure is well documented and repeatable. Samples of every lot number are retained for 12 months. Each batch of material is separately tested, recorded, and approved before shipping to your door.

Operational Efficiency: EFI Polymers guarantees a standard 2-week lead time on all materials. Our highly trained staff accomplishes this by utilizing a variety of mixing and blending equipment, including large vacuum mixers, tri-shaft mixers, media mills, pneumatic pumping equipment, and high-speed dispersion equipment among other automated machinery. We are able to manufacture and package finished goods in container sizes from 1 ounce jars to 275 gallon totes.