How long has EFI Polymers been in business?
Our company was founded in 1993 as Epoxy Formulation Inc. For more information see our company history.
I have production in the USA buy I also use contract manufactures around the world. Can EFI Polymers service all my locations and support my business worldwide?
EFI Polymers currently serves customers in over 20 countries with direct shipments from Denver, Colorado. Many of our largest customers consume product here in the USA and specify our product in parts that are produced by contract manufactures around the globe. EFI Polymers can coordinate this global supply chain with a stable technology platform that ensures uniform product performance and UL compliance no matter where the work’s being done.
Can I get a sample of one of your materials?
Samples are available for evaluation upon request. Contact your EFI Polymers representative or call 303 333-1876 to request materials.
I’m using a product that has been discontinued by my current supplier can EFI Polymers make the exact same material for me?
IN many cases the answer is yes. We typically have been able to design replacement products for materials that have been discontinued by other suppliers. If you have a need contact our office at 303 333-1876.
I need a custom product that meets UL standards; can EFI Polymers provide both?
Our product development process allows us to design custom products that will meet UL standards. Remember to discuss your UL requirements with the EFI Polymers representative during you next sales call.
Do custom products cost more than standard products?
Typically not. Our niche is in custom product development and we are very good at formulating solutions that also keep cost in check. Designing products around cost reductions should be discussed at the beginning of the development process.
I’d like to start a project with EFI Polymers. How to I get started?
Contact your sales representative or call EFI Polymers at 303 333-1876. We will begin the process with an interview to discuss your projects goals and our capabilities.
I’m currently hand mixing my system, can you help me transition to dispensing equipment?
We help companies improve there processing through equipment and material upgrades. We have hands-on experience with all of the leading meter mix dispense equipment companies and can help you to access information and quotations for your equipment needs. We are actively involved in material conversions and typically provide on-site support when new equipment is installed. We try to integrate our materials with the best equipment to provide a complete solution to your processing problems.
We are changing our production process and need to eliminate W.I.P. can EFI Polymers help?
Many successful projects were initiated to solve a long standing processing problem at our customer’s factory. Through the product development process we have been able to resolve processing issues including speed of cure, shrinkage and stress, bubbling, spillage, and reduced W.I.P. Solving these types of issues is our focus and we have a long history of success in the industry.
I need a material that passes UL 5V, do you have a compliant system?
We have multiple systems listed on the UL web site for 1446 compliance, V0 and 5V. Contact our sales department or check our Company listing at UL.com.
I’m using a solvent based laminating adhesive and need to lower my V.O.C. emissions; can EFI Polymers provide a low V.O.C. alternative?
We have successfully replaced solvent based contact adhesives with our line of water based laminating adhesives WA 2175 and WA 2150. These products have helped companies reduce V.O.C. and H.A.P.s emissions to levels below permit requirements. Typical conversions from solvent base adhesives require material testing and process modification.