Environmental Testing from EFI Polymers

Sensitive (SMT) electronics that are exposed to demanding outdoor environments are extremely difficult to protect.  Hot summers, cold winters, rain, snow, sleet – all these elements can destroy and disable electronic devices.  However, in an increasingly connected world, these devices are becoming more and more commonplace.  EFI Polymers recognizes that in order to move forward with technology, we must understand what it takes to ensure these electronics are sealed and protected.

Potting Materials Put to the Test

That’s why we have invested heavily in our environmental testing program.  With a thermal-cycling chamber capable of controlling temperatures from -68C to 180C, and Relative Humidity from 10% to 98%, we are able to design and run accelerated environmental tests.  This testing enables us to better understand the complex interactions between our material and your electronics and components.


electrical pottingOur research points towards two main culprits for environmental testing failures.  The first is the breaking of solder joints and bonds, or cracking of components, due to differences in contraction and expansion (CTE) rates of potting materials and the components they are intended to protect.  The second is exposure to moisture from the environment, most often through moisture ingressing into units along the sides of cases and wires exiting the potting material, and cracks formed through thermal cycling.

By understanding these common methods of failure, EFI Polymers is able to work with our customers to design components and materials that work together to provide long term protection to sensitive electronics. Contact EFI Polymers at 888-469-9812 today for the highest level of technical support, design expertise and dependability during your electrical potting, adhesive, or coatings order.


EFI Polymers assisting in Japan with the cleanup at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Plant.

japanEFI Polymers is at the forefront with applied technology used in the extreme conditions of the cleanup at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

EFI Polymers provides materials and technology to a global motor manufacturer in sealing stator windings in the submersible pump motors used to move thousands of gallons of contaminated water from the crippled power plant.

In a sealed pump motor, the most likely general area for radiation damage is the insulation, lubrication and seals. Elevated temperatures caused by Joule Heating in energized motor, brake coils or other electromechanical components may cause failure by exceeding the insulating materials’ maximum allowable operating temperature. This increased temperature from radiation (Joule Heating) will also stress the dielectric strength of all insulating materials.

EFI Polymers has developed an Underwriters Laboratory (UL file #E210549) listed, highly filled epoxy resin system for the encapsulation and protection of stator windings used in these submersible pump motors.The system is less sensitive to developing radiation-generated gasses compared to other materials. The “Radiation Hardness” yields a tolerance near 10-9 Gamma Rads (Absorbed Dose, gray (Gy)) units – providing outstanding stability in this challenging environment

EFI on Protecting Your Electronics, Antenna & Battery

It’s just not enough to accurately measure consumer’s consumption of “Gas, Water and Electric.” The paradigm shift in the utilities markets necessitates the ability to transfer the data in a timely manner to improve operations and effectively manage resources. The use of radio frequency to transmit the critical data (AMR & AMI) demands expertise in an arena of long standing strength for EFI Polymers.

That strength, combined with pioneering new chemistries in pool light, submersible motor, hot water heater & ocean electronics markets, provides a natural path to assist companies serving municipalities and industrial customers worldwide that need sophisticated electronics protection. If you are protecting your electronics (SMT), antenna, MIU, or battery (LiCoO2) from water and the environment; and require a material that is transparent to radio frequency – EFI has a resin system for you! We can assist with the correct material selection to keep the information flowing, whether it’s epoxy, polyurethane or polybutadiene.

Newly Approved EFI Polymers Products Extend in-service Life for Union Pacific Railroad Components

Working jointly with our distributor Encore Railroad Products, EFI Polymers gained approval for a new fast curing repair compound for rail infrastructure maintenance and repair. This first generation product will extend in-service life for valuable rail components and eliminate expensive down time and service repairs in the future. We love to innovate and bring novel technology to mature businesses. Our next generation of products are in field trials scheduled to conclude in mid 2010 and will bring instant cure technology to improve processing and reduce quality issues related to set times and processing.

EFI Polymers Expands to Meet New Demand

EFI Polymers will expand production and distribution capabilities in Denver, Colorado by the first quarter of 2010. Our plans include adding a new warehouse and distribution facility and expanding our manufacturing footprint at 4600 Holly Street. New process equipment and additional bulk storage capability will support growth in our electrical insulation and specialty coating business. Over all, our production capacity will double–allowing us to better serve emerging markets in renewable energy, power management and transportation infrastructure. Faster, Better, Cheaper is the mantra of our new business partners and we are investing in the infrastructure to make it happen.

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EFI Polymers provides the protection you need for power management devices and junction boxes to deliver solar power and peace of mind.

EFI Polymers creates potting compounds to insulate, protect, and secure your solar product components in place and under the harshest conditions for the lifespan of your product. We can ensure a faster, better and more economical path to the ROI your customers expect. With our experienced team we can advise you in the development, process and execution for your most critical potting needs.

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We recently launched an enhanced version of our website, efipolymers.com, and we invite you to take a look.

Dear Clients,

We recently launched an enhanced version of our website, efipolymers.com, and we invite you to take a look.

One of our key goals of the new site is to provide more meaningful content for our visitors.Through our “products, chemistries and capabilities”, links you can find relevant information for any project you might have. We have also added sections for easy downloadable data sheets, more company background information, an FAQ section, and our services for testing, startup, inventory management, and regulatory support.

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