Waterproof Adhesive, Epoxy, and Resin

EFI-PolymersImprove water resistance for your most demanding applications with top of the line water resistant potting from EFI Polymers. Our waterproof epoxy potting and urethane potting products have been field tested and proven to provide lasting sealing and protection. In order to achieve enhanced water resistance, our waterproof adhesive compounds are formulated with polybutadiene polyols, polyetheramines and silica mineral fillers which reduce water absorption.

You can count on EFI Polymers to provide the best water resistant potting solution for your unique application. Our top of the line compounds feature unique, water-repelling technology including dense crosslinking to reduce water penetration and thermal shock resistance, designed to reduce cracking and shrinkage. Purchasing your water resistant potting products from EFI Polymers not only ensures quality, but also provides you with support and information you need to achieve unmatched results.

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About EFI Polymers

EFI Polymers produces a wide variety of products and materials including electrical potting products, adhesive products and coatings. We utilize cutting-edge polymer technology to manufacture the highest quality materials for your application. Our 20+ years of experience processing materials and working with single and plural component dispensing equipment sets us apart in the industry; resulting in a product line that is both extensive and diverse.