Why Work With Us

Your First Choice For Custom Polymers

At EFI Polymers, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of technical and physical support for our customers. Our combination of manufacturing capabilities and technical support services enable us to both identify the best polymer technology for your application, and become a valuable part of your supply chain.

Our product development process begins at your location where our field sales team collects information on product performance and processing requirements.

This information is used to define development goals and guide the process to resolve customer issues. During the process, our lab staff is available for consultation in preselecting chemistry types and exploring “what if” scenarios with your technical staff. Product samples are available for in-house testing and will typically be delivered by our field sales team who provide assistance in sample preparation and application. We also assist customers with designing testing programs to evaluate the suitability of newly developed materials.

Once a material has been selected, our team assists in modifying your manufacturing process to efficiently dispense and cure our materials in your production. We have years of experience processing materials and working with single and plural component dispensing equipment. Finally, when a new product is brought online, our team will be there to ensure that your conversion is a success.

Our physical capabilities then ensure that you receive your material when you need it, with short lead times, and packaging sizes that are convenient for you manufacturing process. Our testing services are utilized to diagnose problems, often before they occur, and ensure your manufacturing staff operates as smoothly as possible.