Electrical Potting Products

electrical PottingUrethane and Epoxy Potting Products from EFI Polymers are an incredibly diverse group of materials. We have created hundreds of different products that have been used with great success in many different potting applications.

In an effort to make it easier to understand the differences between our products and select a system that will work with your manufacturing process, we have created several selection tools.

epoxy potting productsProducts Table:  This table compares and contrasts many different physical properties amongst all the epoxy potting and urethane potting products

Electrical Potting Selector ChartSelector Chart:  Use this chart to view basic systems and those that offer additional advantages for specific demands.

electrical epoxy Performance ComparisonPerformance Comparison: These charts compare our most popular systems in an easy to read graphical format. Quickly compare products and select those that best match your criteria.

Applications: Click here for information regarding our applications involving potting products.


Epoxy Potting Products

Urethane Potting Products

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