CoatingsEFI Polymers manufactures a wide variety of coatings: epoxy coatings, urethane coatings, waterborne coatings, poly-urea coatings, and other specialty coatings for many different applications. Our materials vary greatly in cure mechanism, viscosity, cure time, work life, percent solids, and many other factors. All of our coatings materials are either one or two-part systems. In order to help you learn more about the capabilities of our materials, please use the following tools:

 Coatings Product TableProducts Table: This table compares and contrasts many different physical properties among many of the coatings products we currently manufacture

Applications: Click here for information regarding our applications involving coatings.

Waterborne Urethane Coatings

UV Cure Epoxy Coatings

Two Part Epoxy Coatings

Flooring Products