EFI Polymers manufactures adhesive products utilizing a variety of chemistries that include epoxy and urethane systems commonly used in structural application as well as water based P.V.A and acrylic products typically used for lamination. We also offer a range of products for O.E.M. assembly including 5 minute epoxy in cartridges for easy application.

In an effort to make it easier to understand the differences between systems and select an adhesive that will work with your assembly process, we have created several selection tools.

Adhesive ProductsProducts Table: This table compares and contrasts many different physical properties among all the adhesive products

Adhesives Selector ChartSelector Chart: Use this chart to get a basic understanding of the differences between some of our most popular materials.

Adhesives Performance ComparisonPerformance Comparison: These charts compare our most popular systems in an easy to read graphical format. Quickly compare products and select those that best match your criteria.

Applications: Click here for information regarding our applications involving adhesives.


Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) Adhesive

Two Part Urethane Adhesive

Two Part Epoxy Adhesive