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Industrial Polymers: Industries and Applications

epoxy pottingEFI Polymers is a custom formulator that designs, manufactures, and markets high quality, high tech, embedment epoxy potting and polyurethane materials. We serve the original equipment area of the electronics and electrical industry since 1989. Since that time, we have literally made thousands of formulations and hundreds of applications giving us a great amount of information and experience on what works. Research, development, scale up, production, customer service, and domestic and international shipments are handled from our Denver, Colorado location.

We have been serving both the electrical and electronics markets, providing polyurethane compounds and two part epoxy to protect devices from the environments where they must operate. An example would be an air bag sensor on a car. The electrical leads are insulated and sealed against the possibility of water accidentally making an electrical connection that would cause the bag to deploy prematurely.

Our industrial polymers are used in many other protection applications, including automotive ignition electronics, sensors, printed circuit boards, transformers, coils, backup alarms, emergency flashing lights, locomotive transformers, LED’s, SMT boards, and submersible motors.