Environmental Testing from EFI Polymers

Sensitive (SMT) electronics that are exposed to demanding outdoor environments are extremely difficult to protect.  Hot summers, cold winters, rain, snow, sleet – all these elements can destroy and disable electronic devices.  However, in an increasingly connected world, these devices are becoming more and more commonplace.  EFI Polymers recognizes that in order to move forward with technology, we must understand what it takes to ensure these electronics are sealed and protected.

Potting Materials Put to the Test

That’s why we have invested heavily in our environmental testing program.  With a thermal-cycling chamber capable of controlling temperatures from -68C to 180C, and Relative Humidity from 10% to 98%, we are able to design and run accelerated environmental tests.  This testing enables us to better understand the complex interactions between our material and your electronics and components.


electrical pottingOur research points towards two main culprits for environmental testing failures.  The first is the breaking of solder joints and bonds, or cracking of components, due to differences in contraction and expansion (CTE) rates of potting materials and the components they are intended to protect.  The second is exposure to moisture from the environment, most often through moisture ingressing into units along the sides of cases and wires exiting the potting material, and cracks formed through thermal cycling.

By understanding these common methods of failure, EFI Polymers is able to work with our customers to design components and materials that work together to provide long term protection to sensitive electronics. Contact EFI Polymers at 888-469-9812 today for the highest level of technical support, design expertise and dependability during your electrical potting, adhesive, or coatings order.