EFI Polymers Expands to Meet New Demand

EFI Polymers will expand production and distribution capabilities in Denver, Colorado by the first quarter of 2010. Our plans include adding a new warehouse and distribution facility and expanding our manufacturing footprint at 4600 Holly Street. New process equipment and additional bulk storage capability will support growth in our electrical insulation and specialty coating business. Over all, our production capacity will double–allowing us to better serve emerging markets in renewable energy, power management and transportation infrastructure. Faster, Better, Cheaper is the mantra of our new business partners and we are investing in the infrastructure to make it happen.

M & A Activity Reduces Competition and Customer Choice

Recently, ELANTAS acquired certain assets of Quadrant Chemical Corp., a Dallas-based formulated products business similar to EFI, which supplied OEM companies in the automotive, aerospace, electrical / electronics, and transportation markets. The size of the acquired business is reputed to be between $4.0 and $5.0 million dollars.

Why announce the activities of our competitors here on EFI’s digital real estate? Because not everyone wants to be serviced by a company whose global sales exceed 1.3 billion Euros. What does your business mean to a billion dollar global chemical conglomerate?

As more small-to-medium size formulators disappear from the marketplace, the value proposition of our business continues to rise. We offer the complete “product and service” package to our large volume customers, while maintaining the critical support small to medium applications require— a level of hands-on management that our mega competitors can’t or won’t provide.

So if your supplier has been integrated into a company you no longer relate to, contact us. We will be here formulating solutions and helping our customers achieve success.

Report on the Green Build Show in Phoenix, Arizona – November 2009

For the past 10 years, EFI Polymers has been active in introducing products that have improved environmental standards for our customers. In 1996 we introduced new waterborne laminating adhesives to replace solvent based adhesives typically used in the production of acoustical panels. Since then we have lead the fight to replace high V.O.C. compounds in this market place and are now working on ultra low formaldehyde adhesives that will meet the highest Green Build Standards. Keeping pace with “best fit technologies” requires continuous product improvement and development. Visit our web site to view products and services to help your company meet new green standards.