EFI Polymers assisting in Japan with the cleanup at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Plant.

japanEFI Polymers is at the forefront with applied technology used in the extreme conditions of the cleanup at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

EFI Polymers provides materials and technology to a global motor manufacturer in sealing stator windings in the submersible pump motors used to move thousands of gallons of contaminated water from the crippled power plant.

In a sealed pump motor, the most likely general area for radiation damage is the insulation, lubrication and seals. Elevated temperatures caused by Joule Heating in energized motor, brake coils or other electromechanical components may cause failure by exceeding the insulating materials’ maximum allowable operating temperature. This increased temperature from radiation (Joule Heating) will also stress the dielectric strength of all insulating materials.

EFI Polymers has developed an Underwriters Laboratory (UL file #E210549) listed, highly filled epoxy resin system for the encapsulation and protection of stator windings used in these submersible pump motors.The system is less sensitive to developing radiation-generated gasses compared to other materials. The “Radiation Hardness” yields a tolerance near 10-9 Gamma Rads (Absorbed Dose, gray (Gy)) units – providing outstanding stability in this challenging environment