EFI on Protecting Your Electronics, Antenna & Battery

It’s just not enough to accurately measure consumer’s consumption of “Gas, Water and Electric.” The paradigm shift in the utilities markets necessitates the ability to transfer the data in a timely manner to improve operations and effectively manage resources. The use of radio frequency to transmit the critical data (AMR & AMI) demands expertise in an arena of long standing strength for EFI Polymers.

That strength, combined with pioneering new chemistries in pool light, submersible motor, hot water heater & ocean electronics markets, provides a natural path to assist companies serving municipalities and industrial customers worldwide that need sophisticated electronics protection. If you are protecting your electronics (SMT), antenna, MIU, or battery (LiCoO2) from water and the environment; and require a material that is transparent to radio frequency – EFI has a resin system for you! We can assist with the correct material selection to keep the information flowing, whether it’s epoxy, polyurethane or polybutadiene.