Epoxy Potting Products Since 1993

epoxy adhesivesEpoxy Formulations Inc. was founded in 1993 as a regional provider of epoxy potting and specialty coatings in the Rocky Mountain West. In 1999 EFI made a major commitment to develop and expand our polymer-based business through rapid organic growth. In the years that followed we built our company around a highly experienced and capable ownership and management team whose background supported our vision of being a leading specialty formulator of epoxy, urethane and PVA chemistries.

The resulting re-organization transformed our company’s capabilities and lead us to change our name to EFI Polymers reflecting our expanded vision and capabilities. Since then, the company has enjoyed 14 consecutive years of double digit revenue growth in markets both national and international. Today we serve customers in 20 different countries with a highly diversified polymer based product line. Our rapid growth and reinvestment allowed us to build a new manufacturing facility in Denver in 2003, expanding our physical capacity and process capabilities, and have continually upgraded and made improvements to this facility every year. In 2012, EFI Polymers opened a new 70,000 square foot facility to accommodate our increased shipping and receiving demands.