Company Overview

urethane potting materials

EFI Polymers is a chemical manufacturing company that has been supplying epoxy and urethane potting materials, adhesives, and coatings since 1993. Our materials are used in a wide array of applications, from sealing and insulating utility metering devices, providing adhesives for honeycomb panels used in the aerospace industry, to waterborne, flexible coatings used in highway marking tape. The incredible experience and knowledge that our staff has accumulated over their 100 + combined years in the polymers industry allows us to uncover problems, and solve them using custom formulations and innovative thinking.

In addition to a top-notch chemical formulating staff, EFI Polymers also employs a technical sales staff that has great experience in not only chemical polymers, but the processing equipment necessary to use these polymers. Our sales staff has forged beneficial relationships with several Meter Mix Dispense equipment manufacturers. This overlapping knowledge helps ensure that our customers not only have the best performing material available, but also have the processing know how to improve operational efficiency and reliably create high-quality, high-tech finished goods.

Based in Denver, Colorado, EFI Polymers has a central location in the United States, allowing materials to be quickly shipped both nationally and internationally. We serve markets all over the world, and ship to Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Please browse our applications section to understand more about how and where our products are used.

EFI Polymers Quality Policy

EFI Polymers strives to provide high-performance formulated polymer solutions. We continuously work to:

  • Supply our customers with products that meet their performance needs
  • Provide services that exceed expectations
  • Maintain an environment focused on safety, growth, continuous improvement and teamwork